1) List down all your random duties and doctor's orders!
2) Set reminder for each tasks in seconds!
3) Use your valuable time effectively in providing care!
4) Avoid Medical errors!
5) Be an efficient and competent Nurse!
Hello dear Nurses, ''Nurse's Aid'' is a free android reminder app, which helps nurses and other healthcare professionals to minimize the work load by organizing their duties effectively round the clock. Six major advantages of this app:
1. It helps to remind random tasks associated with patients.
2. It is very user friendly and we can edit the default tasks on the app.
3. An overview display helps to review all tasks set on the app.
4. Setting reminder is very easy within 5 sec.
5. Its talking alarm feature (in paid version) helps to remind tasks when we are unable to pick the device and see the app ( especially when we are attending some procedure.
6.Very effective tool for effective handover among nurses and avo

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